British Style Business Formal Goodyear Handmade Monk Shoes
● Leather

● Cattlehide Insock

● Lether Outsole
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                                                                                 

The vamp is made of imported calfskin, the leather is tender and smooth, the thickness is moderate, the toughness is particularly strong, and the british style design is more fashionable.
High quality cowhide lining, this leather retains the original fur hole, elastic, soft touch.
Goodyear leather outsole, hand-threading leather, middle sole, outsole together, leather outsole is strong and wear-resistant, from leather material, cutting, handmade to shoe processing, every step is truly handmade.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION                                                                                       

●Leather Fabrication

●Pure Handmade


●Dermal outsole